Stracho Temelkovski, sponsor of Soleil Rouge

photo the sound Braka Stracho Temelkovski musician multi instrumentalist

Stracho Temelkovski becomes Soleil Rouge‘s new sponsor ! Soleil Rouge aims to create, produce and promote improvised live performances (clown interventions) for people in vulnerable situations, within care establishments or shelters. The non-profit organization currently has 11 professional clowns who work regularly and professionally in health care facilities in the Grenoble region – notably in […]

Release of “Make Dunia” EP by Stracho Temelkovski

EP Make Dunia cover

With two previously unreleased remixes, Stracho offers new insight into his latest album, The Sound Braḱa. With Make Dunia (version trio), builds a musical bridge between oriental melody and African dance. He imagines, in music, a trip on his grandfather’s cart to Novo Selo near Strumica in Macedonia, his roots’ country. In this […]

New release : « The Sound Braḱa » album by Stracho Temelkovski

the sound brake stracho photo

The Sound Braḱa transpires jazz, the Balkans, the Mediterranean and the East, near and far, or the suburbs of Buenos Aires. The Sound Braḱa (Brothers of Sound) is the quintessence of these influences, the fruit of a musical universe inspired by a boundless curiosity and destined to find its way into jazz. Album […]